Phoenix lint editorials #1

(Model: Fefe Roxx)
Photography + styling: Angie Rox

Here are the first official shots from the first Lint shop editorials. Photography and styling done by yours truly and modeled by my sister Fefe. The newest editorials and official website are in the works and you can expect the official launch of my Vintage clothing shop Phoenix Lint sometime around mid-march. I changed the name from 'The Lint Shop' to Phoenix Lint because it just has a better ring and also because it stands for vintage clothing that never dies (catchy isnt it). I cant wait for you guys to see it. Im gonna be selling some pretty awesome vintage (all items in this editorial included) and Im super excited about this project. Soon after the launch i will also begin adding my personal designs to the catalog. Yes, I've just added designer to my resume. Theres some super exciting things happening here in Angie Roxx world so keep checking back. There's a lot coming. 
New outfit posts tomorrow. Til then, ciao bella and bellos.

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Tikkitiboo + Ahka Vintage said...

Currently coveting that sheer pink top... looks beautiful!

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