No strings attached.................

 (vintage coat, bag & tank)

Aint got much to say. Its been a long day of inventory checking, outfit making and studio set ups. The word 'pooped' makes so much sense right now. Got a big day tomorrow. 

Vintage coat is part of a 2 piece set that i bought over 2years ago. I posted pics of the dress last year (here) and it was time to clothe my body in the magic that is this fringe jacket. Im in awe of myself. haha. Its incredibly warm and i figured i'd wear it before the weather gets warmer. Phoenix Lint is all i can think about so rather than go on and on about all the preparation it takes to start a online store im gonna cut this post short. holla bitches. Later days.


Dylana Suarez said...

You look awesome in fringe!



MissFitz said...

beautiful girl, amazing style! you have sort of become my fashion icon.

Angy said...

great blog, I love your taste!

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hope you like it!