Eagle rose from the ashes...........

(vintage everything)

ok so i caved. My lack of patience cause me to go out and buy another PC after swearing to all things holy, i never would again. Sony Vaois are actually my fav laptops and i consider them the 'Mac' of all PCs so eh.

Got some photos done finally. Me and bff lauren took damn near a whole day to bang out some outfit pics while the weather was not so bad. Did i mention how much i hate winter this year? The snow can totally suck it. I guess when you get older and have mucho things to get done its just not as fun as it used to be. Anywho, check out this awesome fringe thing im wearing. Notice how i call it a 'thing' because I have no idea wat its called.  You can basically throw it over any and everything and it instantly becomes fringe-ified (yes, im still makin up words). Its vintage of course and im lovin it to death. Dont hate me if you see again real soon as i plan to wear it with everything. Im also lovin this amazing native sweater. I saved it from a death in the thrift store trash because it was donated without its buttons and a few stains here n there. Do i look like i care about a couple missing buttons or stains? *shakes head* Obviously its their loss and my gain. Poor idiots.

Thats it for now but i'll be seeing yall real soon.. We have soo much to talk about!
Happy Valentines Day <3

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Magali said...

Like the photos. Sony Vaios may be cool but they're still PCs. They are nowhere near macs! Get a macbook pro like me.