Huge fan of the Cobrasnake. He shot straight to fame after photographing Cory Kennedy awhile back. Now he's well known for his cool ass clothing store located in LA. He just tweeted this from his Cobra Snake shop and since im once again stricken with insomnia, i decided to post it at once. My fav is the fur and fringe get-up that peaches is wearing. For the full photo album click here.


Kristen Leotsakou said...

adore him!!! love that pic too!
following you with bloglovin!
follow me too if you like :)

bravegrrl said...

love all these.... such gorgeous ladies!

Puck Litaay said...

I love the ethnic pattern on that blazer, it's gorgeous. Just as the rest of these people.


Lina said...

Do you know what's funny. The fact that three days ago I stumbled upon a blog called fuckyeahcobrasnake or something like that. And I was thinking "what the fuck is a cobra snake" and I was a bit like "WHAT THE SHIT" when I saw photos of beautiful grungy pieces of clothing and awweesome editorials. and I googled cobra snake and it came up with a website.. I was so confused.
Now I finally know what cobrasnake is ahahha

Viv said...

awesome outfits