(Vintage purse and jeans, necklaces & large ring f21, Thrifted shoes)
Took these photos at my new favorite photo spot. Its literally right across the street from my apartment and directly next to a mini golf course. Its perfectly run down in all the right ways. Im wearing one of my fav vintage finds, these criss cross high waisted skinny jeans. I couldnt fit them awhile ago so i was pleasantly surprised when i shimmied myself into them today. Im not a fan of harleys, in the i know nothing about them sense, but i love the colors of the shirt. I cut off the sleeves collar and the bottom hemming for that rolled up, worn in effect. Attached a broach to my plain purse and viola. It now has edge. i plan to completely spike the entire bag. Ill wear it in a few posts.

My Stoned Gypsy Shop has taken up all of my recent time. It has literally become something way bigger than just a blog to sell used stuff. It has become a full blown online store that im going to be premiering very soon. My sister and business partner will be joining me in this blog to showcase all the things that inspire us and our vintage shop. Im beyond excited. Please bare with me for constantly changing the name of this blog. we are currently working on official names and its hard because we want it to be original and so many are already taken.

Oh yea as im blogging this, ive just turned 27. Happy Birthday to me! Ive been telling everyone that 27 is my scary age. But its cool tho cause i got a feeling 27 is gonna be my best year. Plus i think i look damn good for my age. haha.


ARA said...

love the bag. And those heels are killers!xx


BM said...

what a cool blog. love the cobra snake post



Anika Sweetfaced Style - Self Worth Activist said...

I love this egdy look! fab :)