Still fashion in Motion

(Vintage top and belt)
 This is one of the stylings I did for Bebe as a part of Still Fashion in Motion. Basically live mannequins standing in the windows of various stores freaking people out across america. Here in Philly the stores that took part in this exhibit were Saks 5th Avenue, Neiman Marcus, 2bebe and Brooks Brothers. 
 Miya max for Neimans. Fierce but totally sweet in person.

 My sister styled the heck out of this outer-wear.

Lauren assisted with styling at Neiman Marcus.

 Ramona and Travis of Ramonas Touch of Essence. The agency that provided most of the awesome models.

Total cutie pie Jose assisted with styling at bebe. Check out his awesome tumblr here.

Felicia also modeled for Neiman Marcus. She was the best one according to Everyone!

 My pretty felicia. Love her newly bleached ponytail.
 Julie wilch. Mother of Rapper Eve and coordinator/producer of the Germantown Fashion and arts festival.
Coordinator of this event, the very hard working Tracy Parker.

More walking and running around. Today was 4 hours of breathlessness. I had the crazy job of styling 2 models at bebe, getting them in the window on time (4 outfits an hour for 4 hours), photographying my stylings, then running as fast as i could with a sprained leg, in heels, to the other stores to photograph them as well. My sister would have been highly upset if i didnt get any good shots of her. 

All in all everyone did an awesome job. It was amusing to see and hear all the shoppers reactions when they realize the mannequins are breathing. Through this event and the fashion show in the previous post, ive made alot of great contacts and cant wait to attend next year. Im hearing that maybe (finger crossed) i will be styling at several stores across the country. Totally meant for me to break my leg so i could get the chance to show my skills. 

Ive got at least 2 weeks before i have to attend any other shows and im relishing. All attention goes back to The Lint Shop. Its Fall and i havent updated our inventory. Fashion week is making my shop suck. lol. no excuses. Its time to rip and roar. Going to bed for some Much needed sleep and work and blog tomorrow. ciao.

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