Gold wrapper

 (Vintage glasses and Ysl look-a-like ring via ebay)
(Vinatge top + purse, gifted bracelets, f21 rings and necklaces, random wrap dress worn as cardigan)
Still tired from the past couple of days. 
Heres the outfit i wore to the fashion show saturday.
Im wearing my favorite purse and glasses of the moment. So simple and so chic.
The fall is almost fully here and im so excited. Everyone knows that i through my dress game on in the fall. My hair gets straighter and i get chicer (is that a word?) I bleached my hair hoping to feel refreshed, and i do, and decidedt that i wanna be a little less grungy and a little more casual effortless glam. My mood changed 8 times a day so we'll see how long that idea lasts. I just know for sure i wanna be a total rock groupy goddess this winter.
So much more to post. Hold your breathe. Im getting the hang of this consistency thing.
xoxo Angie


weasel said...

This gold top is incredible! You look stunning!

Frannie Pantz said...

I love these pictures of you! That top is amazing and I also love the vest. Hope you had fun and can relax now!

Meekay said...

Love the accessories!


vintage process said...

Great look! I love it!!

LaurenSchoon said...

Awesome outfit girl! Love all the turquoise!