The Philadelphia Collection

Sept. 17th. What i wore to the Germantown fashion and arts festival. This is 1 of 2 events that my sister and I took part in as a part of The Philadelphia Collection,  a 13 day series of fashion events and the pre-cursor to the start of Philly fashion week.

 Music by Sap Sounds. If you get a chance definitely check them out. He swooned the heck out of me.

 Candy coated couture

Stylist Marcus Gary. The "Fashion Police". Gets the award for funniest and best dressed.

My buddy Moe. 

 Zombieflynation designers


dots and snooki

Standing in heels for 14 hours isn't easy. Especially with a strained leg. I managed to walk/limp away with only minor bruising.
This year was my first year attending the arts festival or just being a part of Philly Fashion Week as a whole.
I must say I was pleasantly surprised. Originally i was to be a model for the show along with my sister. Due to my leg injury I was forced to drop out. In the end i came to support my sister and get a little blogging done. I thoroughly enjoyed myself. I was anxious to see the designers that were chosen to showcase their lines and whether or not they would be worth coming out to see. The designers over exceeded my expectations. 

My favs were Zombieflynation, Orlando and Gumball 3000.
I have faith that these designers are gonna be huge.
Big ups to my sister Felicia. She werked that runway.

Next up in the collection? live mannequins freaking people out at malls across america.
im soo there.

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