Philly Fashion

Unlike my blog posts of late, I actually have a little more time to write a sufficient entry. So here goes...

This week has been crazy. My sister and I have been running around like crazy getting ready for Philadelphia Fashion week. Sunday instead of getting fitted for the live mannequins event for Fashion in motion, (due to a very sudden and totally annoying leg injury) i did what i'd prefer to do anyways and ended up styling for Bebe. Major fist pump moment. Thank god for my sister urging me to go anyways.. Im actually grateful for the injury. anywho......

Felicia is gonna be modeling in the Philadelphia Collection (17 days of fashion)
  and ive been allowed to snap snap snap away. If any of you can come out, the event will be taking place starting next week September and i will be attending on the 17th. Email me for directions. I'll see you there.

Other than that, soo much has been happening. The Lint Shop is quickly gaining notoriety and ive been offered many styling jobs. Im making a name for myself here in chilly philly. So much so that ive decided to take action on a move i been desperately wanting to make for a while. Literally, A MOVE. I've decided that after living in the 'burbs' for 3 years, the sun has set on my time here and these quiet drama-free streets can no longer contain me. Im going Downtown for good and I can't wait. Center City is filled with the hustle and bustle im longing for and its gonna be so perfect. I've been scouting artist lofts and im pleasantly surprised to find that there are so many in this city. Philly has alot to offer the art world and im ready to dive right in. 

'til next time sugar pies. MUAH!


Marcia B. said...

omg can't wait to hear about philly fashion week!

Frannie Pantz said...

Congrats! That is awesome! (styling for Bebe, not the leg injury--hope you feel better!)

C & M said...

congrats!! omg you're amazing! love your blog1 :)

Isabella | THE PILE OF STYLE said...

nice items, love your style gorgeous! :D

sending kisses from