random things i love or want...........
  1. My name is not Miranda but i love this quote. its so real.
  2. Peonies. my favorite flower. my house is loaded with them.
  3. I love anything Navajo-esq. i was probably a American Indian in another life.
  4. I just like this photo. maybe cause of its black and white quality. another thing i love.
  5. Floral anything
  6. blue-ish-green tinted glass bottles . my house is also full of these.
  7. Suzanne ford. one of my favorite bloggers and the supplier of all these beautiful images.
  8. Cactus?
  9. Love this new amazing blog: Johnnysbird.com
  10. Gorgeous vintage chandeliers
  11. new rocker boyfriends
  12. Stars and Stripes
  13. Rock and Roll music
  14. A sweet new van i can roll in.
  15. Miles and miles of highway so i can go on a rode trip in my sweet new van.


Silvia Couture said...

love the photo mix!!

Marcia B. said...

i want the romantic home thing too lol