Boho Badass

dress: vintage
vest & boots: vintage
leather jacket: wilsons

I am very rarely in a dress although my closet is full of them. Some dresses are just too gorgeous not to buy. Lately a dress is all i want to wear. I had been searching for a dress exactly like this for a while and then it appeared. It is slightly oversized but so so comfortable. I plan to start embracing my newly cleaned out closet and showing those gorgeous pieces of fabric the light of day.


Margaret said...

those boots are AMAZING!
loving the blog!
great posts
stop by some time xx

WildFlower said...

Bangin' boots sista! They go nicely with your dress, it must feel gorgeous to wear. I would love to find one like it.

WildFlower said...

Great blog.

Mz. More said...

I love that jacket!

Nadalyn Margaret said...

really cool look!!!

Clara said...

Those boots + dress = amazing finds