give to me in showers, nothing but your flowers.............


i bought this dress a couple months ago at my thrift store. when i saw it, i had a sudden revelation. i realized that, unbeknown to me, it was somehow the dress of my dreams and we would ultimately have to spend a life together. it was ankle length, a bit over-sized and sorta looked like a mom dress from the 90's but i was smitten. ive never worn it up until now for lack of altering but today i decided it was time to stop living in the denial of thinking that one day i will actually have the time to sit down and hand stitch a shorter hem(cause thats what you do when you dont have a proper sewing machine) and i spontaneously grabbed a pair of scissors and simply cut it. The results? A little uneven, somehow makes me look pregnant and gave the impression of fat thighs. but, it'll do. i failed miserably to be a good model and show that the dress actually has pockets. but again, it'll do.

The vest was also purchased from my store and til this day is still one of my favorite vintage finds. i love it with a passion. Another thing i love with passion is my sister felicia. she shares my love of fashion and is a aspiring model. check out her new blog, with photography and SELECT stylings done by yours truly.


vintage dress and vest jewelry, f21 boots


OooKellyNicky said...

I love the hard and soft contrast of your outfit, it's girly with some floral print but then bad ass with you leather vest. Ya look Awesome

LaurenSchoon said...

Ohh now I remember this outfit! lol.. yeah these pics came out AMAZING!! you look hot girl!


Etvoit said...

this outfit is outrageously beatutiful, the print of the dress is a perfect contrast to the fishnets and the leather vest ties it all back in with the flowers, i love it!! sigh...why can't a vest like that exist at my thrift stores?