dont wake me if im dreaming...............

found this shirt while at work at my thrift store. my obsession with vintage things has no boundaries. although im in school for hair i knew the only place to work was at a thrift store. but anywho............

when i spotted this shirt i instantly grabbed the scissors for i saw the potential hippi-ness and just had to cut it to shreds. minus a collar and sleeves, several oohs and ahhs from co-workers, a couple dirty looks from my boss and 5 minutes later, my new baby was born. i channeled my inner pocahontas, if she was alive during the revolution of course, and had one of my new favorite shoots with some borrowed dreamcatchers also from my job. thanks alot patricia!

props are the shit!!

all vintage stuff


B a la Moda said...

You definitely have a hippie touch!!

B* a la Moda

Amandita said...

Im loving this =)

Fashion Nicotine said...

I love your shirt & the haidband!!

Xx. Fashion Nicotine

Jessie said...

Love this shirt... and I need a dreamcatcher!!!!