working hard or hardly working???.................

definitely hardly working

went bowling with all my young co-workers or should i say they went bowling i just watched.

Eric and Justin secretly love each other

Jason wants to share his food and Erics not havin it

Angelina and I look either confused or annoyed and Jason is bursting with excitement over his invisible 'something'???

Colton you sneaky thing

Nina and Anthony get a room already. he was attached to her all night. she blamed the booze

see? even when he's not there, he's there in spirit

Monie. my not so designated driver."i dont get drunk. im a little buzzed"

black lights are waay cool. bowling pins!!

sneaky fingers

our goal was to look as gay as possible in a non-offensive way. success. i have no idea why i look so demented and clearly Colton is the star of this blog. hes everywhere. he somehow managed to be in pretty much all of my photos whether he knew it or not.

mmmm. long islands. oh no, wait..... thats beer. FOAMY.

no night is complete without someone spilling their drink. namely me. my shoes will reek of alcohol forever.

i was in no shape or form to clean it up. thanks nina.

apparently smoking is cool

the NLTS (new life thrift store) gang. (not our official name btw)

of course i drank before i went out

back at home, attempting to blog and its an epic fail. totally just threw up and could care less about who has red eye.

its a beautiful morning when you wake up without a hangover.
Spent my Easter Sunday cleaning up a month's worth of mess and finally getting some long overdue laundry done. some of this hasn't been washed in 2 years!! "i dont need to wash them, ill just buy more" is the mentality i was living with but it had to change for lack of space. it feels really good to have it all done but even washed it still poses a problem: where the hell is it all gonna go???

the solution:

a big giant heap of clothes that unfortunately yet fortunately get to go to goodwill. loads of printed t-shirts and tie-dyes, hoodies that will never be in style again and many many items that either make me look 13 or at one point in my life i swore i would eventually fit but have yet to do so to. it was just so hard to throw it away being the packrat that i am. i always think the minute i throw it away ill suddenly need it. but alas it was time for it to go. i know my signature style now and there just arent enough closets in the world.

hope everyone had a fab weekend! promise to post actual outfits soon.


OooKellyNicky said...

OOoowee, you had a good time! Love the shirt and the vest, and you can never go wrong with leopard shoes!


LaurenSchoon said...

Haha.. "There aren't enough closets in the world." So very true! Great pics.. looks like you guys had a lot of fun! Too bad I couldn't go... next time!

Marcia B. said...

girl that is so much laundry, props for killing that lol