I've got rhythm, i've got seoul, who could ask for anything more..........

seoul. the capitol of south korea. my birth place.

got this absolutely faboo jacket from my thrift store for just a measly 4 bucks! had to wear it asap. im so in love with it. i had been desperately waiting for a really nice fringe for years. this one had the nerve to be brand spanking new. sigh. is it normal to wanna marry a piece of fabric? i think so.

life. very unexpected and spontaneous. fate says the strangest things. i find. too busy to eat sleep or breathe. taking it all in a stride that makes me nauseous. somehow able to feel rejuvenated. i just say "go with the flow". its all you can do sometimes

wearing RL fringe suede, guess jeans, vintage purse and raybans


Dylana said...

I love your boots and leggings!

Victoria said...

love the bag,
xo, V


Valerie said...

cool style and great blog keep up the work
follow me on twitter

Teeney said...

ooooh love your hair here!! <3