Vintage Blouse + Boots \\Thrifted Vest \\ Forever 21 Earrings

This week

was late to work everyday
tried unsuccessfully to make it to the YMCA as not to waste my $57 a month membership
spent over 100 hrs unproductivly falling asleep
spent over 100 hrs praying it wouldnt snow again
outfit pics with lauren and realizing it will be one of the last. shes moving :(
spent endless hours enjoying my new ipod touch. i love you with a passion!
then spent a good 2 minutes realizing i need a IMAC ASAP...fuck you PC. WE'RE SO THROUGH!
spent exactly 41 mins and 14 secs talking on the phone with an old flame
then spent exactly 2 minutes realizing how much i missed him before unproductively fallen asleep again
learned how to do finger waves in school
and slowly but surely let this podcast take over my life..........

But im not complaining. not even a little. right now i eat sleep and breath the strokes. unfortunately work has taken a back seat from all the late nights either recording or researching for the show. whatever. its totally worth it. LONG LIVE THE STROKES. if you guys love them as must as i do, please take a listen. im very proud to be a co-host and be a part of this history making project. its gonna be huge!! kudos to me for managing the site. whoo whoo!! theonethatrocks.com

later days guys and thanks to all you followers who stick by me and follow by blog. i love you for that!


OooKellyNicky said...

There is nothing like sequins vintage. Love!

Etvoit said...

my breath caught a little when i saw this blouse, itssobeautifulllll :) yeah, me and my p.c., we are going through rough times..i'm thinking about divorce cuz i've been visualizing an affair with a mac hahah.