H+M Tee + Shorts \\ Vintage Blouse, Jewelry, Socks \\  Thrifted Shoes

I hope everyone is enjoying my NEW MUSIC MONDAYS. im very excited to introduce this portion of my blog. music is such a huge part of my life and i've been meaning to do this for a while. be sure to check out the new podcast that im a part of; the one that rocks.com. it is an all strokes based podcast but my segment "whats that sound" is a new music segment. if you guys have any new or undiscovered bands you would like me to spotlight on the show please email me at angie@theonethatrocks.com. ill be sure to feature them. i will be joining the show on feb 5.

my year is seriously off to an epic start. i have my hands so full that my life seems unreal at this point. but im loving the new busi-ness that ive acquired. last year i accomplished more than i ever dreamed i would and this i plan to make this year no different. im gonna to reach every goal i have even if it means burning out at 26. one thing is for sure; this year i will never be bored.
its all or nothing baby.


Suz said...

love your shoes!

Vintage Shoes said...

The photos are just really great like the clothes she wears.