Camel agenda booklet, sheer floral maxi cardi and hip length moto jacket….  Like a great album, these items are currently on repeat. My life is partially perfect.

Happy new years and all that jazz. Valentines day too. 2014 has already found me crossing off a multitude of things from my decade long to-do list. Every year I've predicted a good year for myself. its hard not to be so optimistic at the beginning of a new year full of so much promise. But i can honestly say that this is going to be a huge one for me. I mean huuuuge. Ive got a lot of plans for the coming months that i won't speak of as not to jinx or pre-predict my success. You never know what could happen and id hate to go back on my word or worse, end up looking like a bull-you know whatter. Basically its gonna be busy busy busy, go go go. 

Forever 21 kimono + Moto Jacket//Vintage Agenda Planner//Thrifted Spider Necklace

Being so busy i wasn't able to take advantage of the post new years day sales like i wanted to. Ive probably made no more than 10 clothing purchases in the last 6 months. Im trying to be better with my money this year which means priorities first and I've been really really good. I did however manage to find myself wasting time at the mall after a quick stop at a tattoo shop to schedule an appointment for a cover up. 

Blah blah blah, thats a long story or maybe its a short one but either way i won't get into it now. The tattoo has been taken care of and i'll reveal it when i get around to it. 

Lets take a backwards swim back to my original point and pick apart this outfit. Im in the mall and i spot the two-tone moto on the entryway mannequin as i walked into forever 21. I was hoping that it was a part of the 50% off outerwear sale but i was forced to take the slightly reduced price route. Fine by me. Told the mannequin I was sorry that it was gonna be so cold as i undressed it because that baby was coming home with me. To my luck, it was the last one and just my size. I get compliments everywhere i go in it. The kimono, however, was grabbed a couple weeks back. It was my one and only purchase of the day and it was a true treasure found. Its not actually a kimono per say but design and drapage-wise... Ive been looking for one of these for years. Close enough. But the best part about this outfit is hands down the planner. My sisters all know how much of an obsession I have with these contraptions. So it should have come as no surprise when i forced/begged my youngest to let me have this unused, neglected, beautiful, vintage, mothers hand me down that had been sitting on her bookshelf for god only knows how long. I rescued it and it rescued me. The feel, the gorgeous butter caramel color…. I'm truly in love with it and it makes me feel super important carrying it around. I can be pretentious like that. I have been looking for one in this color for years. I just wish i could find a buttonless wool trench in the same. Sad face.

Hope you guys like the new layout. I think its a little bit more stylish, accessible and organized and hopefully, with the exception of a few tweaks here and there (i.e. image size, new headers and tabs), i won't be changing it again for a while. Super long winded post but isn't that always the case when i come back? i love y'all. til later.

xoxo, Angie

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