(Forever 21 hat, bag and jacket. h&m jeans, deena and ozzy wedges via urban outfitters and nasty gal skull chain(the long one) and buffalo exchange skull and bones necklace)

dont give a damn about punctuation or grammar right now.

ok so lets start with how amazingly annoying it was to edit these pics. blame it on me for not grabbing the lint roller on an all black outfit especially for jeans with such a magnetic personality, everything wants to stick to them. it took forever to retouch all the white dots off my pants. literally hours. 

moving on, im in love with how these pics turned out. ive got a new attitude for clothes this year and im feeling fly and chic again. think im gonna leave my bohemian mood alone unless the feeling strikes me. even then, it will be done a bit more glamorously. still grunge, still rock just a little bit tweaked for simplicity. this year im liking sheers, blacks and nudes, a lil rope chain here and there and lots of leather. a mixture of all my styles just cleaner i guess. but do still expect some tye dye. im a hippie forever. think UNIF meets the haute pursuit.

ok lets talk about this jacket for a second. spent 2 very long, very cold months living in a hoodie because i couldnt find the perfect jacket. Cut to me at forever 21, its 2013 and theres a huge jacket sale. BAM. snagged this puppy for 10 bucks. seriously doesnt get better than that. i ended up with 6 plus some for my sisters. bargain shopping at its best. the tweed body with leather sleeves? What? totally didnt expect to see this kind of handywork at f21. there were so many still left clearly people missed out. it just encapsulates my mood for the year. As well as the bag and fitted which i also got there. me and snapbacks havent been friends since the 6th grade, ie 1990 something. never thought id wer one again. how times have changed. shoes on sale at UO. you can always count on them for that. and freaking awesome blouse at buffalo exchange. got it a size small a few months ago and many workouts later, voila. besides the fact that ive spent the better part of 3 months being hurt on leave from work (if you follow my twitter you already know the deal) there are soo many positive things happening already that despite my ailments  this year is starting off pretty good. new lint shop updates and perhaps a video blog coming soon. im stuck at home. might as well right? 

til later xoxo Angie

oh BTW, i changed my url (my last one was a bit long winded) so please update your browsers. ive gotten a hell ton of emails saying u cant find me. im still here just under new name thelint.blogspot.com. sorry for not giving you a heads up. this will eventually change to just thelint.com or something of that nature. ill let u know next time. 

whoa the suns coming up. thats so my cue. holla bitches!

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