Burning on a fuse out here alone.... Im a rocket man.

 Sorry for the Absence guys. Running a company all alone is a shit job. But i digress.
Just finished with all the hard work it takes to "do it right" and relaunch a site. You can tell i dont give a shit about how i look. My hair isnt even done. This is the 3rd time ive relaunched my site but this time not the lazy way. Ive learned alot since i started the lint shop and im getting the hang of time and company management. There's a whole new site layout, new inventory and new exclusive Lint Shop stuff. Ill be relaunching the site tonight so check it out in the morning guys. Now that ive finished all the grunt work maybe i can update alittle more frequently. Just took some quick pics to say "hi" yes i still exist and  yes im alive. I swear i do "im still alive " posts more often than anything.

Lint Shop relaunch post coming next.

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Frannie Pantz said...

Congrats SO MUCH on launching of your site. I bet it is a lot of work, but I have a feeling it will be rewarding for you. That is such an accomplishment!