Black and yellow.......

(vintage top, roxy vest (my fav), gifted jacket, f21 shoes+chain and liz claiborne bag customized by me)
Why am i always posting at 4:00 in the morning? idk.
Dont feel like thinkin of decent shit to say so here's a quick checklist:

1. im blonde. finally! excitement dance and air punch. finally feel like myself.
2. im wearing a leopard shirt that i was gonna sell but then realized i was crazy.
3. also wearing a jacket that is officially one of the flyest vintage things i own thanks to my bestie Lauren.
4. yes i have an ipad. and yes get used to seeing him (his name is ipad)
5.. if you follow my Instagram you would have seen the D.I.Y. prep ingredients for my killer bag. totally customized it in a little under an hour. You can see the original in my Black and Gray post. its actually not complete in this post. i still have to sew on the leopard patch. hence the safety pins. the amazing lion head (really into those right now) i attached was from the pile of the many knick knacks ive collected and torn off of other things over the years in hopes to eventually use them in the way they were meant to be used. 
Live lion head. Live.

Holla Bitches. Please like me on Facebook. loves you.


Kelsey Jones said...

OMFG I love this outfit! I am in love with that shirt/jacket/purse/shoes!!! <3



Leah R. said...

Love these photos so much! You so edgy... And that bag is Wow <3

pixelhazard said...

That bag is cute and look at the jacket. The high contrast hair suits you too

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