Found this truly old as dirt photo from June of last year of what i wore for my first Lint Shop photo shoot. Im wearing my favorite 'cape' (i guess its called) and a vintage one-piece that will be on sale in my shop soon. I figure i should start blogging the things i  plan to sell before they go up in hopes of gaining some built up anticipation. I suck at updating pretty much anything so right now my shop is kinda lacking but i plan to set everything right within a week. I should have some spanking new vintage within 2 weeks. I'll be posting my last lost photos from a long long time ago (from when my hair was a weird, stuck in between, sorta reddish brown, wont turn blonde no matter what i do, pain in my ass color) tomorrow and then on sunday brand new outfit posts. Not even sure if i should call it that. Its more like me fooling around in the dark in front of the camera outfit post. eh. guess you'll have to wait and see. CIAO ASS MONKEYS.

of course, I say that with love.

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mouse said...

that cape is so sweet :)