The Wild Wild Southwest....

(Vintage top and bag,  f21 hat n mood ring)
Hey kiddos and kid-ettes.
Posting what's technically my first post of the new year. Although these pics are from last October. Teehee. I think i was just a little bit heavier or i can just blame it on this banging ass (yes i said banging and yes i said ass) southwestern blouse i got from a crappy consignment shop. its really lame and the owner sucks balls but if you look really hard you might find something. nonetheless, It still had the tags on it and obviously someone didn't know what they had. I flossed it out that day but i plan to wear it a little softer, un-button it and just throw it over a tank and some cut off shorts. In love with the belt also from the same shop. i think i managed to find less than 10 things total, some of which include the horn pendant in my last post, a pair of clunky boots ill be wearing in my next post(also from October), and a box of tarot cards. yes, i read cards. call me weird but i prefer cool.


Frannie Pantz said...

OMG the second I heard October and cut off shorts, I got so giddy excited to wear cut off shorts and basque in the glory of the sun. Love this great blouse. Fabulous! Best to you in 2012 (and your shop!)!

weasel said...

You look perfect every time. This blouse looks incredible. Love your style!