Eye Spy.......

(evil eye by D&J, H&M Cage Hinge ring , Ear cuffs via ebay)
Lately, i've been on a shopping rampage. Most visited? Ebay.
i can never get enough of it. catch me half asleep head bobbing in front of my ipad (it has the best ebay app ever) almost every night. I bought so much stuff that im gonna have to do a recent purchases blog pretty soon. This is a sneak peek. Above is the super awesome super fly evil eye necklace from D&J via ebay. Its actually a purchase from last june way before everyone got hip to the new trend. I was already rocking evil eyes and hamsa lucky bracelets. but i only wore them once here. You cant even see the darn things. im still tryna fix the sd card that ate the rest of those pics. read that post and all will be understood. anyhoo. see you in a few.

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Keit said...

This is actually very creepy, staring like that... :D But cool nonetheless :P