Sugar we're going down swinging pt2..............

Downtown philly, South street.
Lauren, my sister Felicia and myself.
Coming to the realization that South St. is highly over-rated.

 With roughly about 10 blocks of  little shops and places to eat, it really isnt all that special. I was only able to find 2 stores worth mentioning (3 if the one store owner wasnt such a bitch) and the mile long walk in boots totally wasnt worth it. Out of the 20+ years ive lived here ive only been to south St. 2 times. 2 times too many in my opinion. However I was able to come home with one awesome white lacey fringy dress that i cant wait to post. The people at the "Eyes Gallery" are awesome and totally organic. I love the way the one guy talks. Very groovy. Its way cool when the employees match the vibe of the store.

I was so concerned with takin pics of the shops that i forgot to take proper pics of my outfit. The photos DO NOT do my rainbow colored oversized vintage top justice. Just another random find in my ever growing pile of thrift store purchases that were either forgotten or saved for special occasions. It is seriously the coolest thing ever and oh so comfy. Ive decided im gonna do a reproduction of it when i officially start and launch my own line. Im seeing lots of rainbow stars on a black oversized top. Ive got a shitload of projects to complete. I swear sometimes i get ahead of myself and try to do too much at once. At that rate something is always bound to get neglected, ie; my cat, my blog, music mondays, my toenails..............lol. Its a win-lose situation. However, things are going just as planned.
My official website is currently in the works and this blog will be changed 'again'. lol. im like the wind im constantly changing and constantly moving.
 Life is sweet. When you make it that way. Its hard, but so far, i like it...........

and just like that she disappears. back into the night. Like a gypsy on the run.

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