Easter Bunny..........

Trying my hardest to be consistent with this blogging shit. I feel alot of stuff coming my way so i should have a bunch to post. Tried to go for a run but the rain ruined that. Cant wait til april is over. Since im stuck in the house, i decided to be a lame-o and do one of those self taken, in a mirror, so gonna be my facebook profile pics that i hate so much. At least its not in the bathroom. Cross your fingers that i finally get around to reading the camera maual and figure out the self-timing. Where's lauren when i need her. Happy easter babes. Eat alot of peeps.


LaurenSchoon said...

OMGGG lol push the button that looks like this:

Dylana Suarez said...

You look AWESOME in red dots! Your friend Lauren emailed me just now. I had no idea you two lived in Philly! So awesome. I'm moving there on Friday for my new job at Free People. Would LOVE to meet you two girls when I get there!