you look just like a hippie..............

 (vintage top, vest & purse, gifted necklace from a fan, f21 rings & shoes and thrifted headband thats probably belongs on the waist of some lonely jacket somewhwere.)

After a rough night of Chinese food and crash sleeping, i found it a little hard to wake up today. However i got together with my gal Lauren and got some much needed outfit pics done. YES, im standing in front of the market again taking advantage of free lighting. I cant even explain how much i've started to hate daylight savings time since i started my blog. I send a big "fuck you" to winter this year. you suck!

Ok enough ranting right? ok, so im wearing this awesome vintage top that i was almost talked out of buying but just knew it was special. Am i in love with it? very much so. how awesome are those sleeves?! Im also in love with my new clogs from f21. very sturdy and oh so comfy. before it got dark we squeezed in a quick visit to this crappy vintage store near my house on a hunt for a new couch (my cat mistook my sofa for his litter box), but instead ended up buying 19.00 worth of shit because of their stupid minimum requirements on card purchases. All i wanted was the purse! Anywho im ranting again.


Kayla said...

you have a lovely style darlin!



Caroline Alice said...

wow i love the fringing!! following you now! xc