Home is never far away.........

 At the moment i'm preparing for the premier editorials for Lint Vintage. We start shooting tomorrow morning and after weeks of planning I've decided that non of my previously scouted locations will do my vision justice. Ive come to the awesome realization that my home is the most perfect vintage spot. Heres a few test shots.

These photos are mostly bedroom shots. I'm trying not to reveal too much. Hold your breathe. I'm almost at the finish line.

Also, because of my lack of postage I've lost a considerable amount of followers and i really feel bad about it.  Not just cause i want the followers but because i wasnt a source of inspiration for anyone anymore. Im hoping to remedy that. If you still believe in me please re-follow. I'll love you forever.
Ive even conveniently placed the follow widget where you can see it. Wat do you say?


Marcia B. said...

wow beautiful home!

Anonymous said...

your house is beautiful! i've been trying to create my room to look just like this!


oomph. said...

love the mirror in the bathroom.


Mens Exotic Suits said...

I love those golden accessories and decoration.