Clad in plaid...........




(vintage mens button up, really old old navy jeans distressed by me, thrifted leather jacket and hat, gifted cross necklace, vintage purse, thrift-ed wing back clogs, rings: ebay, vintage & F21)

 Immmmmm back!! its been forever! So glad to be back on the posting sphere and i missed you guys. 

I finally bought my new camera and these pictures are the result of my first half-assed attempt at photography. I purchased the nikon d3000 from ebay because of  its cheaper price and all in all im pretty happy with it. the only down fall is that it didnt come with an instruction manual (you get what you paid for right?) so my next couple of posts will be a mash-up of my successful and failed shots. Which is not necessarily a bad thing. I personally like the mistakes. They have there own life. As a musician I believe that mistakes are where the real art comes from.

Im currently wearing my favorite purse ever! Personalized and customized by moi, Im totally in love with my newly born purse. It was a vintage purchase from a thrift store and had been stored away for almost a year before i decided it was time to join me on my daily romps. I studded and spiked the strap (ive pretty much studded everything i own as of late) and attached clear beads to the fringe to make them come alive. The turquoise badge was original from a bracelet that I thought I could eventually fix but it was a no go. I am not equipped to sauder. (i totally spelled that wrong). After alittle glue gunning....voila. My new boyfriend.

So much to say but so little space ill save some for the next post. I will say tho that ive been on a ebay binge and i have loads of merch coming. Cant wait to post my new Foxys. hint hint. Its so Good to be back.

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