summer was over too soon

This is a photo i posted last september on the last day of summer entitled "Still hard to say goodbye". That was a year ago and i cant believe it! i started this blog last july and i cant believe all the oportunitys that have come my way because of it. (although i can hardly seem to blog nowadays). thanks to all my followers for following and after about 4 or 5 outfits ill be taking a short break from blogging cause life is gonna be soo friggin busy. I will continue to post random awesome stuff so keep checkin back. YOU WILL SEE ME SOON. And when you do i promise you will be in for a surprise! also my blog is seriously about to be overhauled and changed in so many ways. im excited cause its gonna be better than ever! heads up :)

lve ya ANGIE <3

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duckalicious said...

blog more often! =)
I love the shiny top in this combo