Stoned and washed...

(vintage jacket and purse. thrifted shirt and shorts. f21 necklaces and rings)
I absolutely love anything stonewashed. I was so flipppin excited when i found this in my year old laundry bag. I had put it away for washing when i bought it cause it had that familiar musty odor that alot of vintage clothing has. I had forgot all about til today. The leopard shirt is an XL but i think i mangaed. it was kinda awkward and im glad i wore it as a top instead of a dress like i had planned. That would have been awkward. WoW, it feels soo good to be back!....its certainly has been a long time coming. I really needed to find new inspiration for blogging. I think that everybody eventually hits that wall in their blogging career. In the past 2 months I started to feel like my blog was so irrelevant in comparison to the mass. Everyone seemed to have a larger amount of readers then i and patience isnt always my strong suit. I craved instant gratification and I had to remind myself that i didn't start this blog for anyone but myself. In the end I can only do me. I hope you enjoy all the creative and business ventures that i plan to explore in this upcoming year. Like i said, It's good to be back. <3

P.s. my camera sucks and i plan to purchase a new one ASAP.
P.P.S  You can now shop my closet and more! Ive only added 1 item today but will be updated the catalog daily!
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