(Vintage top and boots, shorts, Dolce and Gabanna bag, Ebay cross necklace)

New pics with the little bit of time i had . I love netted shirts i probably own way too many. They are at once grunge, rocker and sexy. The shorts were thrown in for added color as not to look too grunge. Im wearing my favorite boots of the moment. They are perfectly soft and worn in. I need another pair with a thicker sole for winter. Let me know if you've seen any good ones. I think i want the roper boots i posted not to long ago. The extra long, extra large cross necklace was something I've wanted for a while. I got it on online for 5 bucks and i have to say i am totally addicted and in love with Ebay. I bought 2 ring for 1 cent each! beyond awesome. Since recently starting my Stoned Gypsy shop, Ive had little to none. Between rummaging through my closet, digging up my storage and rounding up my models........... Its been a crazy week. Expect more awesomeness to come. P.S. ill be updating my catalog very soon. I'll be adding all my fall wear. so dont freak out that im selling open toes at the moment :)

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She Wears, She Shares said...

loving your looks :)