i love Jeffrey Campbell.........

These are not Jeffrey Campbell but OMG 0.0

With the fall fast approaching I've been fiending for some new shoes. Fall is my favorite season for clothes because of the layers and cozy looks and the BOOTS. I have always had a special place in my heart for boots. There is just something about them that just fits me. Something else i hold in my heart is Jeffrey Campbell shoes. I love his shoes with a passion and a search through google finds the above favorites. My favorites are the Lita boots in the 1st pic and the shearling studded ones in the 3rd pic. Im bringing back soo many shoes from Thailand. Fall? Im ready.


Charlotte said...

Want, want, want! The closet full of these gorgeous shoes, how I wish it would be in my room! Amazing post :)

Suz said...


Anika Sweetfaced Style said...


I just found your blog and I love it! following you:)

welcome to enjoy and follow at

<3 Anika

Siscy said...

lovin' your blog. its original...
Seriously girl those shoes?! dang
way to hot to comment