Put on your Red White and Blue...........

above rings in order: claires, vintage and f21
lace cami & lace bodysuit: vintage
red suede vest & denim shirts: vintage
lace undershorts: delta burke
cross earrings: via ebay
american flag star necklace: dollar store
studded and leather bracelets: claires
boots: thrifted R2

im baaack!!
im stupid late on the memorial day post but i always say "better late than never".......
sheesh! how long has it been since my last post? a month? fucking feels like it.

every time i make a promise to be a good little blogger girl, something stupid happens like readers gettin broken and internet being on crack. (comcast can fuckin suck it!)

but watever. here i am in all my glory and i have tons of stuff to post. one of which i plan to post tomorrow or should i say today.... its 2:14 am here but blogger always gets it wrong. i PROMISE for the thousandth time not to slack off. im as giddy as a cowboy. its really good to be back :)

hope yall all had a good holiday! see ya in a few hours!

xoxo angie

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leyla a. said...

I really like your blog as well as your little friend who's pics you take. Love your interpretations of fashion.