Thrifted Blouse, Bag, Socks, Belt \\ Nine West Shoes, H+M Pants \\ Random Jewlery

Tying to prove that despite my random rocker rebellious stages, i do know how to get dressed like a proper lady. ive noticed that ive lost a couple of my follwers in the last few weeks (5 to be exact. multiple, so many, tears) so i thought maybe im not appealing to the masses as much as i could be. now this doesnt mean that just because a few people have decided that im not fashionable that im gonna breakdown and start becoming a different person fashion-wise, but just that i know how i feel when visiting my favorite blogs. i wanna be inspired and that means sometimes mixing it up . so heres a 'back to basics' post for those who are over the whole grunge look...... i have to admit tho, its a little for myself as well. every month or so like clockwork i get bored with myself and decide its time to upgrade. i actually love getting cleaned up. makes you feel all womanly( is that a real word) . but you know......i think i do it well. if i do say so myself.....

Merry christmas my darlings. hope santa's been good to you.



The F Word Online said...

love the accessories ! so colourful and fun

xx lue

charmaine said...

love your blog too!! and your style! that bag is amazing and i love the jewelry! girl, you got style! :) i like how you put this look together. i really love it! thanks for your comment. i see you add me to your blog list, i will do the same. hope you had a blessed Christmas! i'll be back to visit.

God Bless,

Juliet said...

For first amazing bag! And I love the bold accessorising!

juliet xxx

kim said...

don't worry about followers, dress for yourself; you never know why people decide to not follow anymore. anyway, great look, those pants are killer. consider yourself followed, I think we should all support each other :-D

Clothes Are Cute

Jade "Purple" Brown said...

i love your jewlery and your croc bag!

LaurenSchoon said...

Love that purse girl

Dylana said...

This outfit is perfection! Love the utilitarian vibe, but you make it your own with the accessories!


Brad Paige said...

Hey thanks so much for the nice comment on my blog, i havent been posting much lately but as soon as i start back i wouldnt mind illustrating you, your really pretty. also do you have facebook?

and great blog as well! amazing style

chaoskontrolowany said...

I love the shirt! ;))

princesspolitico said...

who cares about followers - your style is INSPIRING :)