Vintage Dress \\ Thrifted Blouse \\ DKNY Tights, Go Jane Shoes \\ Vintage Choker Worn as Bracelet \\ Forever 21 Earrings

hey guys. its been forever. i have good news and bad news. GOOD NEWS: ive moved into my new place and its faboo. i couldnt be happier. BAD NEWS: for whatever reason, i wasnt able to transfer my internet service to my new place so i had to cancel it all together. thats why it took me forever to post. ill be posting only on sundays now until my new service starts (courtesy of my bf/photographer.... love ya chick).
anyways, enough about that. something fashiony......... i love the way spandex minis look with just about anything. i think they look good on anyone. this is actually a dress but it served its purpose and gave me alittle warmth.


Calia Yang said...

love the photos!and those shoes are WOWZA!!!! love them!

Zhcsyra hp said...

whooa.,.,fabulous shoes,adorable tights ,nice skirt and awesome top <3333
u're d' best linda :)))

Niika said...

love the shoes

monica burnett said...

love the fishnets!


Mila said...

Wow great look!!!

LaurenSchoon said...

We know how to spell courtesy now! Hooray!

Mz. More said...

loving the look and those shoes are ultra fab girl!

Mz. More said...

I nominated you for a blog award girlie, you can find it on my blog

Lilee said...

oh my gos this outfit totally screams out sex! hehe love the fishnets, shoes and awesome purple mini!

Onika said...

New to your blog...love it already! Please come and visit me...I'm hoping you'll be intrigued!

*Dith* said...

love the fit
love the shoes
love the blog.
Actually went thru ur archives.
Where is the music coming from?? was looking for it so i cld pause it, cos its quite distracting to read d post along with it playing.

*Dith* said...

where did my comment go?

Totty Dubois said...

I'm dying for your shoes....they're FEIRCE!!!!
Great blog!!!

www.thesmokingrooms.blogspot.com x

SteFon said...

Gorgeous !! Love the shoes, your body is perfect for everything you're wearin !! Pretty lovely