Vintage Everything

My mini homage to MICHAEL JACKSON's style. 

7 Things im sure you don't know about me:
  1. before fashion, MUSIC is my first love. im a singer/songwriter and its forever been my dream to be a famous musician.i love the arts and entertaining. i draw and am a pretty good dancer. i can and am in love with playing guitar and piano. i own 7 guitars, 2 keyboards and a violin. my master plan is to one day learn to play every musical instrument.
  2. if i dont make it as a singer, my second career choice would be like a stylist. i love make-overs. which is why im currently registered at the paul mitchell vision academy. i start school in january. got to have a back-up plan.
  3. i get asked at least 3 times a day what my nationality is. im half korean and half african american. im the oldest of 5 kids. my 3 youngest siblings are full korean.
  4. i love animals. alot. so much so, i became a vegetarian 5 years ago. i used to love drugs. alot. but now i love my veggies and im a big health nut. i take vitamins everyday.
  5. i have two tattoos. two hearts on my hand and a hummingbird on my wrist. i plan to get at least 3 more. i love all ways to express your indiviuality. i just choose to do it with tattoos and piercings.
  6. i love accessories. i own over 100 purses and 150 pairs of shoes. i have 3 closets and still not enough room. i really need a mansion.
  7. lastly, im a really nice person, my favorite colors pink, im tragically and secretly anxious, im 26 but act like im 12( sometimes), i hate my feet, im always late, i hate rude people, i barely drink and i dont smoke, im still lookin for mr. right and IM OBSESSED with the strokes and lead singer Julian Casablancas. he is GOD!!.
    Vintage Jacket \\ Gifted Top
    i love the colors in this outfit. the vintage jacket was just a little big but it still worked. im in love with my new shoes from gojane.com. i love this site. cute, good quality shoes at cheap prices!



LaurenSchoon said...

SEVEN guitars?! wtf i didn't know that! and CTFU @ i used to love drugs, now i love veggies.

Dynamite socks said...

by god your posts are so long :)... love them though firstly well done on your first award & second obv!, Loveeee the micheal Jackson tribute outfit! the waistcoat detailing is amazing!! & I adoreeee thoose pants & im now gonna go out & hunt down a pair :), plus the shoes :O gorgeous!!! xxx
thank you for your comment greatly appreciated :D

Lions, Tigers and Fashion OH MY! said...

congrats on the awards! I love your boots, gojane is a great site.

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Zhcsyra hp said...

amazing vest.
love it so much ,<33333

TJ said...

love your tee. makes me smile.

The Queen of Hearts said...

Excellent job! I could totally feel MJ coming through each style post! I also love the one random button on the military vest -- too cute.

Jamie said...

Love the chilet and the necklace is so perfect for the outfit!!
Congrats on the awards btw! :]

♥M├Čka'sCloset♥ said...

So dope. Loving that red jacket. Congrats on your awards.
I'm having a Give-away contest...very excited about it. Come check it out! http://mikascloset.blogspot.com/2009/11/holiday-give-away-contest.html

Feelmore said...

Ok. First of all, both looks are dope! I can't tell which one I like better - that red jacket is just killer. Also, go see the movie, it's AMAZING! Really brought it home again why he was the king of pop. When on stage, the man was flawless.... Really enjoying your blog, by the way!

Hello people, said...

Dope style, i really loveeeeeee your red jacket ;)

Niki B. said...

very cool! thank you so so so much for the award :)


M. and O. said...

News on daily-women, 2 new posts by O&M :
An interview to a young girl who loves Chineese & Japan style, and a photo shoot by Olivia in Leopard dress :)

come on and see us !
have a nice day :) x.o.x.o


Jasmine said...

I love your clothes! Especially your trousers! :)