(Forever 21 jeans \\ Vintage shirt \\ Thrifted leather jacket )

two more days til i officially get this blog thing up n runnin. im so excited i could throw up. today ive started scouting out locations .there pretty hot. at least i think. they'll make for some awesome pictures. plus the weathers been pretty awesome here in chilly philly. so im hopin to catch some rays. i cant wait!

just thought id update, cause i cant keep from jumping out of my skin. i still havent figured this pentax crap out but ive got my back up cam. so all is well when your impatient. i thought id at least just let yall know that im on my way n very soon. thanks for patiently waitin my lovely loyal 3 followers. lol. your the best. well signin off for now. next time you see me, youll really be seein me. lol. ta ta

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LaurenSchoon said...

yeah except 2 of your 3 followers are YOU! mwahhahahhahhahahaaa! it's ok, i only have 1 follower. don't worry we'll get more!