(Forever 21 jeans \\ Vintage shirt \\ Thrifted leather jacket )

yea , so ive officially started my fashion blog n something seems missing....PICTURES!!! cant have a friggin fashion blog without pics. i have one of two options , i have my nikon digital camera which is good but i rather use option number 2 which is my so official mid 1970's pentax camera. i just think its cooler . it makes me feel so professional n stuff.

but here in lies the dilemica. i dont have film. stupid i kno. but i cant figure out where to buy it from. its so old. sigh. guess i should have bought the friggin film before i started the fashion blog, right? duh! im always doing things ass backward. ahgg!!

guess i'll just have to settle for standing in the hallway of my apartment, while my little sister reluctantly takes my pics. when i finally DO get it together n get semi-organized, the pics will be definately worth the wait. thats sounds kinda cocky but watever. there gonna be the shit!! soo excited...... well, catch ya in about a week or less. n if i take any longer, take that as a hint as to wat kind of person i am....im always late.

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