Thrifted Top \\ Vintage Tights + Bag \\  Quipid Slingbacks

i change my mind way too much. im always tryna reinvent myself. or should i say UPGRADE...

went into my closet and decided its time to make a change. ive washed, donated and recycled. really need to start wearing the clothes i buy, the minute i buy them. everything im wearing in these pics im wearing for the first time and ive had them for over a year! time for a whole new wardrobe.......n maybe a new hairstyle. cut n color? bleach?? i swear i do this like every 2 months.

hmmmm... who should i be next?


Jesse Civello said...

This is really cool Angie. It's awesome to see your passion and even better cause your damn good at it. Keep it up, I like the freedom and transparency in the all pictures, it all says you. No one else. The truth and your passion. Very Cool.

Angie said...

thats sooo cool of you to check my blog out jess. thanks much!! really means alot.. i really like your comment. you got a way with words. YOU said alot of meaningful stuff. thats VERY COOL. your the best!

Jowy said...



Dynamite socks said...

awhhh really nice clutch i love it ! and the combination of the clothes work well :)



Lori said...

i'm trying to do that as well, i have so much stuff in my closet that i havent worn yet.
i really love that clutch!

LaurenSchoon said...

Hey miss, I put you on my page as My Photographer :) And you know, if you ever need to give your clothes, jewelry, etc a new home, I would provide a loving and caring environment for them! Oh yeah, and I have a magazine for you. Somehow they sent me 2 issues of Marie Claire.

Marcia B. said...

ohh geez the camel toe ahahahahha
love the location on the bleachers, it reminds of a shoot i just did, its on my blog.

Monika P. said...

don't worry about the camel toe , i love your floral vest;)!