Parasuco Jeans \\ Thrifted Shoes \\ Vintage Jewelry + Broaches \\ Romance of California Top \\ Vintage Vest, \\ Ninewest Purse

Felt like it was 1000 degress today. Totally roasted in my outfit. Thought it was supposed to rain.
i got these shoes from the thrift store i work at for a buck! not really a fan of that big brown button but still one of my greatest discoveries yet. i freakin love them! the heel is incredibly supportive because of the size and they are soo comfortable. couldnt believe they were just my size. i really do love thrift stores.

Also, the trend has sorta died, but not for me. i had a whole drawer full of broaches that i hadnt worn in over a year. i still love them. they pretty much made this outfit. a toast to the broach.
 As far as broaches go, u can really put them anywhere.

  • lapel
  • hats
  • jackets
  • purses/ wallets
  • shoes
  • band rings/bracelets
  • as buttons
  • as a necklace
  • even jeans...... have fun!


Rosanna said...

those are such cute shoes!


LaurenSchoon said...

These pics came out so good! The second one is the best!

Angie said...

i know right ...i love the second pic too.. my favorite n my babes fav too. thanks rosanna. i looooove these shoes.

Dynamite socks said...

LOVE.LOVE.LOVE the button heeels Very cute!

and the brouches to v,nice vintage!