Currently these things are calling my soul. Its taken me 30 years to realize that as much as id like to be one those woman who can go all day wearing those lovely leg shaping strappy heels and walk a couple hundred miles, realistically i just can't. Between work and running errands it just isn't feasible. Comfort over pretentiousness. The older i get the more I've come to know how important it is to have good supportive footwear. But of course I've still gotta look fly. Ive been in a particularly sporty mood of late so these are my cravings. Luckily, Converse, sandals and loafers all just happen to be a huge part of my everyday style. So no harm, no foul.

2. Senso Ida Birkenstock V here or the croc version here
6. New balance 576 but id prefer something with a flatter sole like here

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