To spike or not to spike? That is the question. Just the same as with my now discarded leopards and animal prints, I find myself questioning the current relevant-ness of spiked apparel. But as not to waste, at least one post in this moto had to grace the interwebs.  Purchased last year in my massive jacket/coat overhaul. I loved it then and vassilations aside, i guess i still love it now.

Nasty gal moto jacket + Schools out backpack // Urban Outfitters wedges

Something about the sheer chiffon just calls my name and i cant part with this piece just yet. Subtle spikes are ok? I guess. The bottom is detachable and whilst in mid detach i decided that the halfy look was the way to rock out since it was a total happy accident. They happen all the time and thats when the true magic occurs. When pondering on how to put together an outfit that would dress the jacket down yet still look effortlessly cool and still feel authentically me, this is what i came up with. Distressed denim was definitely the way to go as opposed to the all black outfit my lil sis suggested. When in doubt always trust your gut. On the fence with wedges as of late but in this particular situation they were perf.

Snagarama on the jacket and bag. Nasty gal is usually too rich for my blood but whenever i see a sale sign in my email notifications i instantly perk up.  5 steals and counting.

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Tra Mi Nguyen said...

You're so beautiful.