Back from my blogging hiatus with a style upgrade. As per usual. Been really into basics and getting back to my chic roots. Dont think im gonna be rocking any type of fringe frock for a while. Maybe even forever. My current color palette consists strictly of black, whites, nudes, grays and denim. Currently crazy about the sporty luxe look.

Forever 21 Bag + Top | Target Heels 

Not much into gold in the last years but ive been slowly adding it back to my wardrobe. Saw the Chloe look alike bag hanging in forever 21 and despite my hard rebellion against following the trend i just couldnt resist its sleekness. The sublet gold accents just pulled me out of my anti-gold coma. The fact that it goes perfectly with my shoes was a total happy accident. Both Target and F21 have been getting their fashion weight up.

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Tra Mi Nguyen said...

Pretty bag! Would never expect such one from Forever21.