(Vintage Tank \\ Thrifted Boots + Shorts \\ Thrifted + Diy Bag)

Some quick shots with my girl Lauren last week. 

im literally in the middle of doing 3 projects right: this blog, lint shop site and inventory updates and the one that rocks website relaunch. (remember that? youre gonna get to hear my voice again) 'Hands are full' is an understatement so im gonna make this quick.

I probably wear this tank at least once a week. namely because i sleep in it all the time. ive been too lazy to buy sleep or workout gear so any nearby tanks or shorts do double duty. Im sure youve seen me in this thing a million times. I wore it here before and now since im actually making another post with it on its time to put this thing to bed. literally. you shall see it no more. Also, i have re-established my love for my old combat boots that i had given to my sister for lack of fit but have decided my feet can suffer some more for the love of fashion. i hardly care wat the weather is. be prepared to see them alot. 

P.S. ive been using the default XL pixel setting in blogger and im not extremely happy with it so ill be resizing all my picks soon. btw


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Sabrina T. said...

very nice top! love the grunge mood

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