Vintage Cardi hand me down from mom \\ Thrifted top \\ Heavy Lint dont have a cow bag \\ Guess boots

Some quick shots at the mall today. Impromptu stop to find a last minute emergency prom dress for my sis. It was supposed to be delivered today but damn that international shipping time. Anyways, this is what i end up looking like when given just a few minutes to to crawl out of bed and get ready. meanwhile, I recently decided to make sure to always bring my camera with me. seems like something i should have already been doing or something that ive probably already said but thats the new the plan. Ive missed some pretty blog-able moments and shall do so no more so canon came along for the ride.

oh and also i have finally purchased my first mac and have yet to figure out all the functions. these photos are completely unedited so they are just a tad dark. ill fix them once i figure this crap out. its confusing and totally disorienting but saying goodbye to viruses makes it totally worth it. still updating the blog so forgive me if anything looks out of wack. im on it.


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