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(F21 top, bag + bracelet, old ass jeans, Target boots + watch and lint shop skull bracelet + silver rope chain)

Its been a while crocodile doesnt even seem fit huh? Almost forgot my login info and everything! What have i been doing all summer? Definitely not burning the midnight oil. i actually tried to enjoy my summer and managed to slip in a trip to the beach, 4th of july fireworks, many a trip downtown, shoppin til i been droppin and even fit in a movie last week. Doesnt sound like much, but for me it was a major change. all i do is work! besides all of that ive pretty much been lazing about watching old reruns of Buffy and neglecting the summer Lint shop lookbooks. i slacked. HARD. But im slowly getting it together and tryna get back to the old routine. No sleep. No sleep. No sleep. 
Gonna update the stores inventory with the fall/winter lookbook soon and also ive decided to officially launch my own very small clothing line. its just customized vintage/tee shirts, jewelry and bags for now, but im hoping to eventually make exclusive jackets and vests in the future. Ill be uploading some new items to the shop (including the silver rope chain + skull bracelet above) as soon as im done with this post. be sure to check my new shizz. also thanks to the many email requests ill be making replicas of the leopard lion head bag that i made here very soon. Glad to talk to you all. its always nice to come back. this is my home away from home. Ill be updating my blog links too so look out for some narcissistic urls and all about me action. 
Till then, Holla back scraps.

Sorry for the long post, as all my return posts are.
Also there are many a sentence lacking a capitol letter. Deal with it.

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