Blogger crush: Cannibal's Find

The uber cool Saylor of Cannibals crush.
Tell me you didnt get an instant girl crush. I feel like im way behind on this one. Got these pics from the Nasty Gal blog where she was featured a few weeks ago. Went through her entire blog in just over under an hour.
This chick resides in sunny california and has the whole skater grunge thing down pat. What draws me to her is the fact that she still manages to keep her chicness through it all yet maintains her edginess. Alot of the time you only see the grundgy-ness that is 'literal' to the point of tacky (ie. taylor momsen) and just plane, well, grundgy. I get the feeling that she's tomboyish and really cool to hang with. I especially love her little cross tattoo. The fact that she writes songs, plays guitar and has a naked fingers phobia just like me only adds to her cool laid back persona.
If you like Christeric and have a knack for kirt Cobain and all things the 90's, do yourself a favor (if you havent already) and check her out. You'll thank me later.

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