All eyes on me, in the center of the ring, just like a circus....

(f21 maxi + boots, vintage belt + purse and vintage tee cut n cropped by me)

Happy birthday to me! Yesterday i turned 28 and this was what i wore. Loved my outfit. it was pretty damn comfy and almost carefree. Almost because The universe totally tried to rain on my parade. I chose the worst day possible and to wear a maxi and to straighten my normally curly hair. Seemed like everything was right but also nothing at all. Dont think i didnt notice the weirdness that was my lipstick. Its was like i missed a spot and then missed another and another. I bought this cover girl lipstick because it was suppose to stay on for 16 hours. Stay it does. However it starts to look like chipping paint within 20 minutes of me applying it and then it STAYS like that until im able to find 1. a mirror, 2. some baby oil, vaseline or makeup remover (as it states on the package) and 3. somewhere private since im always in public when this happens. needless to say i am still on a hunt for the perfect stay on red lipstick. wore my fav tee  that i also wore here and my fav purse and jewels again. Cant get enough of my 'fake' YSL. <3

Despite everything that TRIED to ruin my day, this birthday actually turned out to be the best one ever. Had dinner with a friend (his treat of course) and then came home to a surprise party. My first ever! Was completely mushified (yes. thats mush-i-fied) in 2 seconds flat and also recieved the best gift EVER from another dear friend of mine which ill post later this week. it is as pretty as a picture.
i cant believe that ive posted 3 birthday through blogging already. Seems like the last one wasnt that far behind. im aint coplaining tho. i believe ive said it before....
i look pretty damn good for my age. so suck it.


Frannie Pantz said...

A very happy birthday to you!!!! And you quoted Britney for the title? Perfect! I love your maxi so much! Great stripes. I totally know what you mean about rain and straightening your hair. My hair is uber curly too and whenever it even smells like rain, the ole girl totally caves under pressure and I end up looking like Diana Ross (only not cool enough to actually pull off the fro).

Hayley said...

omg your fashion sense is amazing!!!!!!
happy birthday!


Hayley said...

&now followingxxx

I V Y said...

rock chic! love it. great off the shoulder look!

xo zebra and meerkat

Anonymous said...

Great accessories!


Joellen said...

I absolutely love the way you accessorized your outfit! Beautiful touch