Cover me up and dress me in cash.........

(vintage top +belt, forever 21 bag + chains + boots + hat)

Never knew how to wear this top til i dropped some weight and belted it. I swear i looked like a overweight hippie in a moo moo. 

Sorry for the pic overload but i couldnt part with any of the pics for sheer lack of indecisiveness. Tis is Libra. Only 5 days til my shop will be up and running and honestly im starting to feel the pressure. Theres just soo many things still undone and im hustlin my ass off. Ill see you kiddos on 4th of July just in time for fireworks. Holla.

btw. My awesome sister Felicia has officially started her blog back up.
Follow her here!

oh yea, im totally not wearing any make-up. Hence the cover up. My hat is so multi-talented.


Marcia B. said...

whhoa love this look! do your thang

weasel said...

Oh wow, this top is great, and I love the belt. You look incredible!

I V Y said...

the bag and layering of necklaces. love it gurrrl.


Helena said...

I love your dress...looks amazing on you!!!